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How to Care for a Parent with Dementia

Guidance on how to care for a parent with dementia with patience, empathy, and a supportive environment for unique needs

Learning how to care for a parent who has dementia can be challenging. Caregivers are forced to balance the everyday safety needs of their loved ones with offering the patience and understanding needed to create an emotionally stable home environment. This article is designed to give you practical advice for dementia-proofing your home from removing clutter to choosing the right locks to ensure your loved one does not wander outside of the home. We will also discuss the challenge of getting dementia patients to shower.

How to Care for a Parent with Dementia

Dementia patients need daily routines that are structured and predictable. Tailoring your approach to their individual needs and changes in behavior is crucial. Encourage activities that they enjoy and can safely participate in. Maintain regular communication with healthcare providers to stay updated on their condition. Patience and flexibility are key in adapting to the daily challenges of dementia care.

Dementia-Proofing Your Home

Dementia-proofing your home involves planning for the safety of the home while creating a secure environment that ensures your loved one will not leave the home without proper care resources. Senior’s home environments must be evaluated to ensure their safety. Remove loose rugs and unnecessary clutter to create a home environment that makes movement easy for your loved one. Many dementia patients have issues with wandering. If wandering is an issue, consider installing safety locks and alarms. Making the home environment as safe and navigable as possible will not only protect your parent but also provide peace of mind.

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Choosing the Right Locks for Alzheimer’s Patients

Selecting appropriate locks for Alzheimer’s patients is an essential aspect of dementia-proofing your home. These locks should be secure enough to prevent wandering but also accessible for caregivers in case of emergencies. Consider installing locks that are out of the normal line of sight or require a more complex operation than standard locks, as these can effectively deter wandering while maintaining a sense of normalcy in the home.

For more advice on how to create a safe home environment for your loved one, we recommend you read our blog, “Home Safety for Seniors.”

Tips on How to Get a Dementia
Patient to Shower

Assisting a parent with dementia in showering can be a sensitive task. To make this process smoother, establish a routine and communicate each step clearly and calmly to reduce anxiety. Ensure the bathroom is a safe and inviting space, equipped with non-slip mats and grab bars. Gently encourage their independence, allowing them to do as much as they can by themselves while being ready to assist when needed. Remember, patience and empathy are key when figuring out how to get a dementia patient to shower.

Dementia Care in Houston

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