Christian Provider Service

Christian Provider Service provides home care services to residents located in Texas.

Post Hospital Care in Texas

Transitioning from the hospital to home

What post-hospital care does is help the patient return home to a lower level of care after a stay at the hospital. At Christian Provider Service, we have a unique service designed to help individuals make a positive transition from the hospital to their home. Christian Provider Service offers quality care in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. This care begins with interdisciplinary staff, including caregivers, therapists and nurses – all with one goal of helping manage your condition to avoid a return to the hospital.


  • Shopping
  • Dressing, showering and personal hygiene
  • Sleepovers
  • Respite care and supervision
  • One-on-one support in the home
  • And more!

We provide a wide range of physical rehabilitation to help individuals reach greater independence in life. Whether it’s healing through physical therapy or just general help with transitioning at home, our caregivers can help.

All our home caregivers are professionals and are well-experienced in handling the needs of patients being discharged from the hospital. Recovery is never an easy process and can be very challenging at times. It gets more difficult if you need to undergo physical rehabilitation or any of such related recovery measures.

Our experienced caregivers can take away most of the strain that comes with recovery by providing a homecare recovery service that will aid the quick and complete recovery of the individual.

Some of the many reasons you would need post-hospital care are recovering from heart complications, a chronic disease, cancer, pulmonary issues, neurological problem, and pulmonary issues. Any of the conditions mentioned above may necessitate in-home care for adequate recovery.

We have highly skilled caregivers who deliver specialized care services to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. We aim to provide you with the perfect post-hospital care services that will help you maximize your goals in the shortest period of time.