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Christian Provider Service provides home care services to residents located in Texas.

Home care services new patients in Texas

If you have an elderly person that you think needs home care services, it is important that you know what you are signing up for before committing. There are several different types of home care services and caregivers, each of which is useful in specific cases. As the person charged with the responsibility of seeking home care services for your loved one, it is best to know the different types of caregivers, so that you can identify the most suitable one for your elderly:

Personal care aides

A personal care aid (PCA) is arguably the most common type of caregiver. They are hired to help the elderly and persons with disabilities with daily living activities in a care facility or in the individual’s own home. Their job description involves such tasks as housekeeping, meal preparation, grooming and transportation for doctor visits.

Registered nurses

These are professional home care workers qualified to provide care for elderly people who are also battling a medical condition. If, for instance, your loved has undergone a surgical procedure and is recovering, a registered nurse would be the most suitable person to oversee the recovery. Registered nurses provide assistance in post-treatment care needs, nutrition, exercise, diet and medication.

Home health aides

Home health aides (HHAs), in most aspects, are not different from personal care aides. The biggest difference is that HHAs have special training to care for the elderly while identifying undesirable discreet symptoms that may be of note.

Physical therapists

Some elderly people may experience mobility issues, which may intensify as they age. Physical therapists are useful to people experiencing difficulties moving around their home. They also offer specialty services to seniors who have recently undergone joint replacement surgery.

This array of choices gives you the opportunity to pay only for the services your loved one needs. If you are seeking home care services for the first time, fill out a form for new patients to help us understand your needs to the core. New patients are greeted with special benefits you may not want to miss out on. We invite you to call us today if you have any inquiries.