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Activities for Children with Disabilities

Activities for children with disabilities: Inclusive, stimulating, and tailored for joyful learning and development.

Every child should be able to explore, play, and acquire knowledge regardless of their capability. But, it can be difficult for kids with special needs to find inclusive and interesting activities. Oftentimes caregivers get frustrated trying to find engaging activities for children with disabilities. Planned activities promote social engagement and personal growth. This article will provide a list of games for kids with disabilities, activities for intellectual disabilities, and fun things to do with someone in a wheelchair.

Creative Activities for Children with Disabilities

Kids with disabilities have needs that can be met through a range of activities. These activities enhance their creativity and provide opportunities for self-expression.

Arts and Crafts

This can be a way for children to express themselves creatively. It’s important to provide activities that can be adapted to accommodate needs and abilities. Painting, drawing, and sculpting are options that can be tailored accordingly. For children with sensitivity issues incorporating tactile objects can be helpful while those, with dexterity challenges can benefit from technology.

One sensory-rich activity that can aid in the multimodal skill development of children with disabilities is playing with sand, water, or textured materials. These can be adjusted to accommodate different sensory preferences and sensitivity levels, and they promote the investigation of the senses.

Adapting Games for Kids with Disabilities

To ensure full engagement and enjoyment for children with disabilities, it’s important to modify games for inclusivity and accessibility.

Hide and Seek

For instance, consider modifying the classic game of Hide and Seek to include kids with special needs  You may want to try incorporating tactile signals, verbal prompts, or visual aids to support children with different levels of ability. The major goal should be to make sure that everyone enjoys a nice and inclusive experience.

Board Games

You can modify many board games for children with disabilities. For example, you can use large-print materials or tactile markers to adapt games that involve counting or shape recognition. The goal is to promote social involvement and active participation.

Scavenger Hunt

These are fun games that can be modified to fit the needs of kids with special needs. One such modification is the adaptive version. Make a list of accessible items or hints for the child’s surroundings. If your child struggles with mobility, you might want to ask them to tell a friend or family member where to find the goods. Use textured or fragrant objects to help youngsters who are blind or visually impaired identify them. This task encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and sensory investigation.

Inclusive Activities For Intellectual Disabilities

Children with intellectual disabilities can benefit greatly from inclusive activities in terms of their social and cognitive development.


Storytelling sessions can greatly benefit children with intellectual disabilities. Employing interactive storytelling strategies, basic language, and visual assistance can enhance their comprehension and enjoyment of a narrative. Encourage children to engage by asking questions and sharing their opinions.

Through music therapy, children with intellectual disabilities can express themselves and learn how to communicate uniquely. Singing, rhythm exercises, and playing easy instruments are a few examples of pleasurable and healing activities.

Fun Things to Do With Someone in a Wheelchair

Engaging in wheelchair sports, like tennis, basketball or racing can provide both entertainment and physical benefits. These activities promote empowerment, cooperation, and physical fitness.

Accessible parks and trails that accommodate wheelchairs offer an opportunity to connect with nature. Exploring the outdoors, appreciating the scenery, and observing wildlife can be fun educational experiences.

Looking for a Highly Trained Caregiver?

Children with disabilities benefit greatly from engaging in activities that provide them with opportunities to grow developmentally, educationally, and socially. The caregivers at Christian Providers Services are trained to support your child with fun and engaging activities. We believe that a caregiver has a responsibility to help children experience all of the wonder and awe of life around them. If your family is looking for a caregiver to support your child, we would love to talk to you.