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Comparing In-Home Care vs Nursing Home Care

Nursing home caregiver vs in-home: Balancing comfort and individual needs for personalized care

According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, about 12 million people in the United States receive some form of in-home care each year. That’s a lot of people! Yet, a time may come when a family needs to evaluate in-home care vs nursing home care for their loved one. 

As a person ages, the advantages and disadvantages of each should be considered. In this article, we will look at the role of each type of care, associated costs, and the responsibility of families to keep their loved ones connected regardless of the type of care they choose.

The Role of In-Home Care vs Nursing Home Care

It isn’t surprising that AARP reports that approximately 77% of seniors prefer to age in their own homes. Your loved one has set routines and familiarity in their home that are hard to replicate in a new location. One of the key benefits of in-home care is exactly what the name implies – your loved one gets to stay at home in the comfort of the familiar.

In-home care is an ideal solution for seniors who need support but do not require advanced support that would force them to consider nursing home care services. Today, home health services can even support seniors 24 hours per day. 

However, there may be a time when a senior’s health requires that nursing home services be considered. Certain medical needs require the structure and support of a 24/7 medical staff. In these cases, families find comfort in knowing that their loved one has a plan for managing their ongoing medical needs and receiving constant supervision.

Cost of Home Care vs Nursing Homes

The cost of senior care is a major factor in a family’s decision. Genworth released a study citing that the median cost of a private room in a nursing home is over $100,000 per year. In comparison, the average monthly cost of home health care is $4,000 per month. As families evaluate the best care for their loved one, a factor that has to be considered is the family’s ability to meet the financial obligations.

To help with financial planning, families should talk to care service providers about insurance coverage. Most providers have relationships with many of the major insurance providers and can help you understand the role of insurance in the cost of senior care.

Maintaining Connections and Support

Another major factor to consider in a senior’s care is their ability to stay connected to others. In-home care providers are often trained in compassionate care and seek not just to meet the daily care needs of seniors but also to focus on their holistic well-being. They will engage with seniors in activities designed to promote connection and overcome isolation. To read more about his topic, visit our article, “Enhancing Senior Life through Elderly Companion Care.”

However, no matter how strong the relationship between a senior and their caregiver is, the role of family connection remains important. Families need to consider their ability to maintain contact with their loved ones when evaluating care options.

Nursing home staff is often asked how often to visit parents in a nursing home. Like home care, regular visits are critical for your loved one’s emotional well-being. Suppose you choose a nursing home facility, location matters. Families often struggle to balance their schedules while maintaining regular visits. The National Institute on Aging says that family visits improve residents’s health and happiness.

Final Considerations When Choosing the Right Type of Care

Regardless of whether a family chooses in-home care vs nursing home care, the quality of the care your loved one will receive is an important factor. Take time to understand the caregiver’s qualifications. Ask providers if their caregivers are trained in compassionate care which focuses on your loved one’s overall well-being, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Finally, don’t forget to ask your loved one about their preferences. Allowing them to have input into the decision is an important part of maintaining their independence. 

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